• Tablet PC based exams
  • Smart intelligence is used in the exam
  • Test takers receive internationally recognised certificates

What is the smart intelligence in ITEL exams?

Test content

Every test taker starts with the structure part. It is mandatory to solve at least 10 questions to be able to go on to the next part, so that the test taker’s beginner level can be designated.
In the skills section, the testee, for each part encounters the question corresponding to the level specified in the structure section.

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  1. What does the exam include?

    1. Structure (40 Questions)
      1. Grammar (24 Questions)
      2. Vocabulary (16 Questions)
    2. Skills (23 Questions)
      1. Listening (10 Questions)
      2. Reading (10 Questions)
      3. Speaking (2 Questions)
      4. Writing (1 Questions)

Structure section

This section consists of Grammar and Vocabulary questions. Total number of questions is 40 and 60 % of the questions is Grammar while the rest of the questions are Vocabulary.

The testee faces a variety of questions such as multiple choice and drag-drop. The test taker will have 20 minutes to finish this section.

Skills section

10 Questions

In the beginning of the exam, students will be given tablet pcs and headphones in order to prevent distraction from external noise, enabling students to focus on their exam.

10 Questions

In this part, the test taker will be given 2 reading texts, each including five questions.

2 Questions

This exam is unique in that Speaking is tested using a tablet PC. The testee saves his response about the photograph or video to the system through headphones and speakers in order to assess his/her speech whether it is sufficient or not. The test taker, after listening to his/her recordings can repeat his response.

1 Questions

The testee writes down his/her answer about photograph or video by using the keyboard of the tablet PC.

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